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Q: Can we fireproof the roof assembly before the roof is completely finished?
A: NO is the short answer.  Please see information at Isolatek for the reasons why.  As noted on the manufacturer's website, Cafco Board can be used on roof decks where continued roof traffic is unavoidable.
Q: Can we fireproof the floor assembly before the building is dried in?
A: YES under the following conditions:  1) The concrete decks must be in place.
                                                              2) All hangers are installed.
Q: The UL designs submitted are different than the ones shown on the prints/plans.  Why is that?
A: When the specifications allow for the use of Spray Applied Fireproofing supplied by different manufacturers, the UL design submitted must match the material being purposed.  The UL designs are specific as to the material and manufacturer.
Q: Does using different UL designs create building design problems?
A: YES & NO:  1) If the fireproofing rating is the only result required, then any of the tested 
                           Fireproofings will do the job.
                       2) If overall cost is a big factor, then some materials are less expensive.  This is
                           due to material densities, and ease of application, etc.  
                       3) If appearance (i.e. exposed areas) takes priority, then certain types of fireproofing
                           are better suited for these cases.
Q: The beams & columns are primed - is this a problem?
A: Maybe:  All UL designs are based on unprimed steel.  Go to the Manufacturer's link to get
     additional information.
 1)  Contract price may be increased to cover the cost of installing the mechanical break required
       on oversized steel.
 2)  Fireproofing Contractors submitting bids need to know in advance if steel will be primed.
       (provided this information is available).
 3)  Additional time may also be needed in the project schedule to permit the attaching of the 
       mechanical break. 
Q: Can the A/C Duct Work be installed before the Sprayed Fireproofing?
A: NO:  For the following reasons:
 1)  A/C duct blocks access to the steel beams, joist and deck.  If the fireproofing cannot be sprayed
      straight on (perpendicular) to the steel, adhesion & cohesion are compromised.  It may be
      impossible to apply the fireproofing to the steel in some areas, causing test failure.
 2)  All installed duct will have a coat of overspray.  This creates problems when the ducts must be
      wrapped with insulation.
 3)  Cleaning disputes arise.  Since the duct is not to be installed ahead of fireproofing, Fireproofing
      Contractors do not include cleaning in their base price.
In all cases, your Fireproofing Contractor is pleased to work with everyone to provide the protection and look you need for your project.